Fire Safety in Sydney

When it comes to completing fire safety compliance checks in Sydney, our team here at FireCorp Solutions are the knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians you can turn to for the right advice and assistance.

Through our comprehensive inspections, our team will ensure your site is up to the correct standards, making sure your fire compliance system is operational and effective.

As an FPAS accredited team of technicians, our team can provide you with a 12 month service guarantee on your systems, as well as annual certification, allowing you to rest assured your building is well protected.

If you need your fire systems to operate reliably, contact fire Corp Solutions for a quote today!
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Comprehensive Fire Safety and Testing Services

At FireCorp Solutions, we take fire safety and compliance across NSW very seriously. We offering a wide range of fire assessment and safety services, such as:

  • System inspections and testing
  • Annual fire safety statements (AFSS)
  • Fire assets repairs and maintenance solutions.

We guarantee our team will cover every aspect of your fire compliance.

Professional and Reliable Fire Safety Compliance Services in NSW

Honest, professional and reliable, FireCorp Solutions is the name to remember for your next fire safety compliance check in Sydney. By working closely with our clients, our technicians will be able to complete all aspects of your fire safety and compliance as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Provide Your Site With a Fire Safety Statement in Sydney, NSW

As one of the most important aspects of any building or worksite currently in operation, an up-to-date fire safety statement is essential for your Sydney based site. At FireCorp Solutions, our team will consult, report and advise you on any changes that may be required for your systems to be fully compliant.

Please get in touch with FireCorp Solutions today to find out more about our fire safety statement and compliance checks, available across Sydney.


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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information regarding our services or to request a compliance check, please give our team here at FireCorp Solutions a call on 0410 456 709 today.

What is a fire safety certificate?

A fire safety certificate is a document issued after the inspection of new building work. It certifies that the fire safety measures in the building have been installed and then checked by a qualified person (e.g. a FireCorp Solutions technician.)

This certificate is used to verify that minimum fire safety standards have been met, as required by law.

What is a fire safety statement (AFSS)?

In contrast to a fire safety certificate, a fire safety statement is issued after inspecting an existing building. It does check for the same minimum requirements, and must be issued by an accredited inspector. There are two main types of fire safety statements.

Annual statement:

Issued every year, and checks that the minimum fire safety standards continue to be met. This includes alarm systems and exit clearance.

Supplementary statement:

In some cases, you may be required to have certain aspects of your fire safety system inspected more often than every 12 months. This can be due to complexity, short battery life or other factors.

In this case, you will need to have a supplementary statement issued after an assessment. The frequency of this kind of inspection differs from case to case, so be sure to check with your relevant authorities as to how often you’ll need this conducted.

What is the purpose of a fire safety statement?

While it may seem tedious to have your fire safety measures re-checked every year, doing so is vital to the welfare of tenants, as well as for legal reasons.

Everything suffers from wear over time, and fire suppression or detection systems are no different. By having them inspected yearly and filing the necessary paperwork, you are not only ensuring any residents will be better protected if a fire does occur, but that you are not liable for any damages.

What are my responsibilities as a building owner when it comes to fire safety management?

You, as a building manager, are not required to carry out the inspection yourself. In fact, these checks and statements should only be conducted and issued by an FPAS licensed inspector.

FireCorp Solutions is fully licensed and experienced with all manner of inspections, making us an affordable and reliable choice.


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