When it comes to fire safety systems and assets, don’t leave their condition up to chance. At FireCorp Solutions, our technicians can provide you with a professional and hassle-free safety compliance check, certifying that your systems are operating smoothly and efficiently.

We can complete a wide range of fire safety inspections and testing across both residential and commercial buildings in Sydney, as well as repairs and maintenance services. As a FPAS accredited team, our technicians will be able to provide you with an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). For emergency support, FireCorp Solutions are available 24/7 to assist you across Sydney.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Your Responsibilities

For more information regarding our services or to request a compliance check, please give our team here at FireCorp Solutions a call on 0410 456 709 today.

Fire Safety Certification

A fire safety certificate is issued upon completion of new building work, confirming that all fire safety measures have been installed and checked by a qualified person. A fire safety statement is issued for existing buildings, confirming that an accredited fire safety practitioner has inspected and verified the performance of each fire safety measure.

There are two types of fire safety statements: annual and supplementary. The annual statement must include all essential fire safety measures and verify compliance of exit systems, while supplementary statements are issued at more frequent regular intervals for critical fire safety measures.

As a building owner, you must provide an annual fire safety statement to your local council.

Purpose and Responsibilities

The building owner declares that the measures have been checked and continue to perform to the relevant standard, but they are not expected to have the technical expertise to verify compliance – that is the role of the accredited fire safety practitioner.

The person making the declaration is not certifying the performance of the fire safety measures. So they are not expected to have the specialist technical expertise to verify that they meet the relevant minimum standard of performance. That is where FireCorp Solutions comes in.

Your responsibility as a building owner is to maintain the standards which are set out during the fire safety inspection. For example, if electrical cables become loose, insulation needs replacing or smoke alarm batteries fail, these are your responsibility to fix to ensure that the fire safety is maintained throughout your property.


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